Tooth Filling Cost in Gurgaon

There are several types of tooth fillings that dentists use to fill the cavity or caries. The cost depends upon the type of restorative material used to fill the cavity. Teeth filling material can be Glass ionomer restorative cement, Silver Amalgam and most preferred one is composite restorative material.

With more and more people eating junk food and sticky food, these type of food can lead to dental caries and which further can lead to several pathology. If a carious tooth is treated in time, it can last long as natural tooth. If a carious tooth isn't filled with biocompatible restorative material in time, caries will progress and it will cause a periapical pathology.

Filling caries with biocompatible dental restorative cements will prevent further issues with the tooth.

Tooth filling cost in gurgaon can cost Rs. 500 to Rs. 1500/- per tooth depending upon the type of restorative material used.

Affordable Tooth Filling cost in Gurgaon :-

  1. Dental Amalgam : Rs. 700/-

  2. Glass Ionomer Cements : Rs. 500 - Rs. 900/-

  3. Composite : Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500/-

Dental Composite are very good tooth filling material and good for esthetic as they can match natural tooth shade. Not every filling is tooth coloured so it's a good choice to have tooth filled with tooth coloured restorative material.

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