Removable Partial Denture(RPD) Cost in Gurgaon

Removable Partial Denture

Removable Partial Denture made from acrylic material costs about Rs.1000 per tooth in Bhatotia Dental Clinic. While Flexible RPD is more expensive and its cost varies with the number of teeth in the rpd. 

People who can't afford to have dental implants placed in their mouth or can't even afford FPD, this could be a option for them to have their missing teeth replaced. But it's not a permanent treatment. 

Wearing RPD also prevent shifting of other remaining adjacent teeth, otherwise they would shift or tilt on mesial or distal side with time. 

They better not be worn during sleep. They should be cleaned properly and it also prevent less food debris get attached to adjacent tooth.  

They improves smile for a patient when placed on the anterior teeth region. They can replace both anterior or posterior missing teeth. 

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