IOPA xray showing periapical pathology and rc treated tooth

Iopa X-ray Cost in Gurgaon, India

Iopa (Intra oral periapical) x-ray costs Rs.200/- per radiograph in Bhatotia Dental Clinic. Usually there are several other dental x-ray or radiography that a dentist uses or can suggest such as CBCT scan, OPG, bitewing, lateral cephalogram and few others to look for dental anomalies. Most of these radiographs are usually done in diagnostic labs as not all expensive machines are available in every dental clinic. 

The most common x-ray that a dentist do all the time is IOPA Xray using RVG machine, which produces digital images of tooth, tooth root region and its surrounding bone structures to check for any pathology or anomalies. 

Few diagnostic labs that offers OPG, CBCT scan and other dental radiography in gurgaon are: