Braces Cost in Gurgaon, India

Orthodontic treatment can be done using any braces type ( Ceramic or Metal). Ceramic braces are less visible while metal ones are clearly visible when speaking or smiling. Ceramic braces are good for people who worries about visibility of metal brackets.

If you have teeth crowding or your teeth are not properly aligned, then it's better to have teeth to be aligned properly. Getting orthodontic treatment not only helps have better smile, it also improves tooth functionality, changes complete facial profile and also boost confidence as patients don't have to hide their smile.

For orthodontic treatment in our dental clinic, we have an on-call orthodontist( Dr. Piyush , MDS) who has several years of experience. We always aim to stay affordable to provide quality treatment in less. 

Treatment sometimes needs " Orthognathic Jaw Surgeries" by oral and maxillofacial surgeon in those cases charges will go higher.

Currently we don't offer invisible or clear aligner treatment as they are very expensive for the patient.