Oral Surgeon in Gurgaon :

  1. Dr. Ankush Mahajan, MDS

  2. Dr. Gaurav Kapoor, MDS

Oral surgery is a specialised field of dentistry which is handled by oral surgeon or best called as oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

Oral surgeons are very well versed in head and neck part of the body. They perform procedures like wisdom teeth extraction, treatment of jaw fractures, TMJ disorders, cleft lip and cleft palate treatment, oro-antral fistula treatment and many other disorders related to face or jaw.

An experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon would be able to do complicated surgical procedure without any pain or discomfort. Many procedures are usually performed under Local Anaesthesia but some complicated surgical procedures can only be performed under General Anaesthesia, which may also require hospitalization.

In Bhatotia Dental Clinic, we have two on-call oral surgeons, Dr. Ankush Mahajan and Dr. Gaurav Kapoor, to help you undergo any oral surgical procedures without any pain or discomfort. We offer treatment in very affordable charges so that you not only get great treatment experience but you also don't have to pay hefty amount from your pocket.

Based on your treatment needs, you can call us on the number given below and we would be in contact with you for your oral surgical procedures in gurgaon.

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