Dental Inlays and Onlays cost

Dental Inlays and onlays cost depends upon the type of material used in its fabrication. The usual cost for inlays and onlays ranges from Rs.7000/- to Rs.10000/- per tooth in Bhatotia Dental Clinic. They are usually placed on premolar and molar teeth.  They are alternative to the direct restoration. Inlay involves pits and fissure while onlay is fabricated when one or more cusp is affected. 

Inlay and onlays both are placed when caries is extensive and it's not easily restorable using direct filling materials. While composite filling shrinks during hardening, this isn't the case with lab fabricated inlays and onlays. 

Both are extremely durable and have good shade matching to the natural tooth. They also can be perfectly contoured and has less marginal leakage. 

The downside with them is that need need more than one appointment as most of them are fabricated in the labs. They aren't easily repairable once broken.