Teeth Cleaning Price in Gurgaon

Teeth cleaning price can range from Rs.1000 to Rs.2000 and prices depends upon the amount of stains, food debris & calculus (tartar) present on the teeth surfaces that needs to be cleaned. Teeth cleaning is best known as scaling and polishing. Make sure to remember that teeth cleaning isn't a teeth whitening procedure.

Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning or best known as scaling and polishing in dentistry, is procedure is done to remove any tobacco, gutka or such stains, plaque, food debris and calculus from tooth surface. Your dentist will use a hand scaler and magnetostrictive or piezoelectric scaler to clean your teeth.

Sometimes deep cleaning is done to remove some gingival plaque or calculus in people who has very poor oral hygiene. After teeth cleaning, your dentist will use a polishing paste to polish your teeth to make them shine and also to eliminate feeling of abraded teeth after scaling.

Improper toothbrushing or bad habit such as eating or chewing tobacco will cause stains on the teeth. Food debris also gets attached to tooth and gum which would lead to further disease of gum and yellowish deposits on the teeth. To prevent further disease progression ( from gingivitis to non-reversible disease - peridontitis).

Teeth cleaning is completely different from teeth whitening.

Bhatotia Dental Clinic provides good teeth cleaning with ultrasonic scalers. Ultrasonic scaler helps in quick and fast removal of plaque, calculus and food debris. By getting your teeth cleaned and polished( with polishing paste) professionally by a dentist, you can smile with confidence. Clean teeth usually makes a person have more confidence as they doesn't have to hide unhygienic uncleaned teeth from others.

Before Teeth Cleaning - After Scaling & Polishing Images of Teeth

Teeth Before cleaning and Polishing

Same teeth After Teeth Cleaning and Polishing

Lingual Aspect of Lower anterior teeth showing calculus and stains before cleaning

Lingual Aspect of Lower anterior teeth After Scaling and Polishing

Palatal Aspect of upper teeth showing Stains present over teeth surfaces

Palatal Aspect of upper teeth After Scaling and Polishing