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Experienced Dentist in Gurgaon, at Bhatotia Dental clinic, offering all kinds of oral treatment in affordable prices that is pocket friendly for everyone in need of it.

We provide All kinds of Dental treatment

Orthodontic Treatment

Oral Surgery

Root Canal Treatment

Dental Implants

Scaling and Polishing

Tooth Fillings




Endodontic Treatments

We offer Root Canal Treatment at a very reasonable prices in gurugram.

  1. Root Canal Treatment

  2. Apicoectomy

  3. Endodontic Surgeries

Fees Varies from Rs. 2500 to 4000/- per tooth.

Charges may vary.

We have an on-call specialist - Endodontist- in case of typical case of root canal treatment and for endodontic surgeries.

Oral Surgery

If you have a trauma to your face or jaws or a wisdom tooth needs to be extracted, we have a on-call oral and maxillofacial surgeon for the treatment.

You can expect all types of minor oral surgical procedures at our clinic, such as listed below

  1. Tooth Extraction/Removal

  2. Jaw surgeries/Fracture Surgeries.


We offer various kinds of prosthesis. It may vary based on the needs of patient and treatment needs.

Some of the crown/cap we offer are

  1. PFM crowns

  2. Metal Cap/crown

  3. Full Ceramic Crown

Scaling and Polishing

We offer very affordable and quality treatment. In case you need scaling and polishing of your teeth, you can get it done at our office.

Scaling and polishing is needed when someone has stains, plaque, food debris,calculus on his/her teeth. Discoloured tooth can be due to smoking or chewing tobacco and several other factors and in many cases, teeth can be easily cleaned.

It's always recommended to visit your dentist twice every year for regular check up to prevent any problem in your teeth or gums.

Price: You can expect scaling and Polishing starting from Rs. 1000/ - for full mouth. If there is less stain and calculus, then you can get your tooth cleaning done in Rs. 1000/-.

If you have heavy stains and calculus due to smoking, bad oral habit such as tobacco chewing or gutka, you expect tooth scaling with polishing in Rs. 1500/-.

Orthodontic Treatment

Patients who has mal-alinged teeth or has spacing in his/her teeth, it can be corrected orthodontic treatment. We have on-call orthodontist to help you get better smile.

  1. Lingual retainers

  2. Spacing correction between teeth

  3. Invisalign retainer

You can expect whole lot of treatment options.

Price: Usually you can expect your orthodontic treatment Starting from Rs. 20000/- for space closure or treatment of mal-aligned teeth.

Tooth Fillings

With more and more people eating junk food and sticky food it can lead to dental caries and which further can lead to several pathology. If a carious tooth is treated in time it can last long as natural tooth.

Filling caries with biocompatible dental restorative cements will prevent further issues with the tooth.

We offer various kinds of tooth fillings

  1. Dental Amalgam

  2. Glass Ionomer Cements

  3. Composite Restorative Materials

Not every filling is tooth coloured so its good choice to have tooth filled with tooth coloured restorative material.

Price :

Tooth Filling charges can range from Rs. 300/ to 1500/- per tooth depending upon the type of restorative material would need to be filled on the decayed tooth.

You can expect GIC restorative material to be filled from Rs. 500/- to Rs. 900/- per tooth.

Composite Restoration can be filled from Rs. 1000/- per tooth to Rs. 1500/- per tooth. They are very good tooth filling material and good for esthetic as they can match natural tooth colours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cost of Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon?

Price of root canal treatment varies from clinic to clinic and from dentist to dentist. Most clinics which is owned by a endodontist ( specialist in Root canal treatment) or is on a panel of doctor in a hospital, then they usually charges higher than general dentist. Also, not every root canal treatment is a simple case, some tooth needs several steps to help it save. So it's not simple or easy to say how much a dentist can charge for RCT but you can expect price ranging from Rs. 2000/- to 6000-/ per tooth.

We usually charge Rs. 2500/- per tooth for RCT. In cases where a Endodontist is needed, it will cost over Rs. 3000/- per tooth.

Our Dental Clinic Timings

Note : Doctor is available on-Call from 2pm to 5 pm only.

Monday : 10 Am to 9PM

Tuesday : 10 Am to 9PM

Wednesday : 10 Am to 9PM

Thursday : 10 Am to 9PM

Friday : 10 Am to 9PM

Saturday : 10 Am to 9PM

Sunday : 10 Am to 2PM

Please call for appointment before visiting to avoid waiting for longer time.

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