Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost in Gurgaon, India

Wisdom tooth removal cost in gurgaon ranges from Rs.2000 to Rs.5000 & this cost depends on depth of the tooth inside the jaw bone, difficulty in extracting the tooth and orientation of impacted tooth.

Tooth that is deeply seated inside the jaw bone is charged more compared to the tooth that is partially impacted or fully erupted.

In Bhatotia Dental Clinic, we have on-call maxillofacial surgeon for complicated wisdom tooth extraction & this procedure is performed by using sterilized dental burs, handpiece, extraction forceps and elevators and all other instruments.

What is a Wisdom Tooth?

Wisdom tooth is also called as third molar and is the tooth the erupts at later stage after all other teeth have erupted in the jaw. Wisdom teeth generally erupts at late teen age to early twenties. There are four wisdom teeth that can generally erupt but it's possible to have less or no wisdom tooth at all in someone.

Partially impacted wisdom tooth

Partially impacted wisdom tooth

Horizontally Impacted wisdom tooth

Horizontally Impacted wisdom tooth. Needs X-ray OPG to completely view the tooth.

Why a Wisdom Tooth needs to be Removed?

There can be several reasons that a wisdom tooth needs to be removed so that patient will not have further pain and complication that may arise if not removed.

If third molars failed to erupt properly and are angulated in mesial, distal, buccal, lingual direction then they can pose several problems, such as causing decay on the adjacent tooth, difficulty in mouth opening, and pericoronitis in some cases which can cause severe pain and infection that can spread. Therefore, in such cases it's better to remove them.

Third molar gets impacted or stuck inside the jaw bone as it doesn't have sufficient space to get erupted properly. When the tooth is partially erupted, it may cause inflammation of gums.

Maintaining oral hygiene in third molar isn't easy when tooth is not properly aligned, and this will lead to constant food debris around it, which would finally lead to dental caries/tooth decay and it may needs to be removed to avoid further pain and complication that may occur.

Wisdom tooth needing extraction

Grossly decayed wisdom tooth that needs to be extracted

Reasons for Wisdom Tooth Removal

  1. Non-Restorable dental caries

  2. Recurrent Pericoronitis

  3. Abcess & Cyst if it can't be treated by endodontic treatment

  4. Fractures

  5. Impacted wisdom tooth putting pressure on the adjacent tooth and causing dental caries

  6. Improper mouth opening due to wisdom tooth

Wisdom Tooth Removal is painful procedure?

You will be injected with the local Anaesthetic to numb the area. It is a painless procedure.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Procedure

To understand tooth extraction procedure, we have made sections below to help you know more about your tooth removal process. There are only two ways to remove wisdom tooth, surgical or non-surgical approach.

  • Non-Surgical/Simple Tooth Extraction:

A Tooth can easily be pulled out without need of raising a flap, bone cutting. It doesn't need any kind of surgical intervention. In this procedure tooth extraction forceps and elevators are usually needed. You will be told to follow post operative instructions to avoid painful complication that happens after tooth extraction that is called as Dry Socket.

  • Surgical Tooth Extraction :

As the same suggest, it involves minor surgery and may involve raising a flap, bone cutting and suture placement. When sutures are placed, they needs to be removed after 7 days. You will be provided will post operative instructions in this procedure like above.

  • Mobile Tooth :

When a tooth is mobile or lose, those tooth can be easily pulled out. This procedure doesn't take more than just few minutes.

  • Root Stumps :

Root stumps( when crown of tooth is lost due to caries) can be easily removed in many cases but sometimes it needs surgical intervention such as bone cutting and also placing sutures.

  • Normal/Firm tooth:

Teeth that are firm and are grossly decayed that can't be saved can also be removed based upon clinician's clinical finding. It may or may not need surgical intervention.

  • Ankylosed Tooth - If there's some pathology and tooth can't be saved :

Some tooth are ankylosed and can only be removed by surgical intervention. A oral and maxillofacial surgeon is needed for tooth extraction such as for ankylosed tooth and impacted Tooth.

  • Impacted Tooth:

Any tooth can failed to erupt properly which would make them impacted, and in many cases those tooth may need to be removed with minor oral surgery. Most commonly impacted tooth are wisdom tooth. Not all impacted teeth needs extraction.

Post Operative Instructions after Tooth Extraction

Below are some of the post operative instruction your dentist will most likely tell you to follow.

  1. Keep applying pressure on gauze piece placed over your extraction site from opposing teeth for at least 45 - 60 minutes.

  2. Apply cold pack for few minutes from outside the mouth.

  3. Do not spit or gargle for at least 24 hours. If you feel blood or excess saliva is coming in your mouth, don't spit it out. Swallow it inside.

  4. Don't eat hot food & hot liquid items for next 24 hours. Eat soft food items like dalia and khichdi.

  5. Don't drink liquid items using a straw for at least 24 hours.

  6. Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol for few days at least.

  7. After 24 hours of tooth extraction use warm saline water mouth gargle for at least three times a day for minimum of one week.

  8. Take antibiotics and pain medication as prescribed by your doctor.

  9. If sutures are placed, make sure to visit your dentist after 7 days of tooth extraction for suture removal.

If there is some complication or you don't feel good, call and visit your dentist for follow up.