Painless Root Canal Treatment, Cost & Procedure

Root Canal Treatment(RCT) in Gurgaon, India

Root canal Treatment in gurgaon is a procedure that is done to remove infected pulp from a tooth to eliminate the infection and to prevent tooth getting infected from future microbial invasion.

In Root canal Procedure, your dentist will first remove the infected dental pulp tissue from the affected tooth. Then your dentist will clean and shapes the root canals and then fills the space with biocompatible material usually GP ( Gutta Percha ) points. After which your treated tooth will be filled with a restorative material and over which a crown will be placed. Your tooth can now be used for normal function like eating and chewing.

Root canal treatment (RCT) in dentistry is best known as endodontic treatment. Root canal treatment (RCT) cost in gurgaon can range from Rs 2500 to Rs 4500. Failed RCT or Re-RCT costs from Rs. 3500/- to Rs 4500/-. A Post is sometimes placed which will cost from Rs. 1000/- to 2000/- per post depending upon type of post used.

Sometimes, a crown/cap is placed over your root canal treated tooth that would be charged separately in most of the cases. Sometimes an endodontic surgery is needed that will cost higher.

How many times I need to visit a dental clinic to get my RC Treatment Completed?

Endodontic treatment( or RCT ) sometimes can be completed in just one sitting and sometimes it takes multiple visits to complete the procedure to remove any infected pulp and also to save the tooth. Tooth that is infected for longer time needs at least 2- 3 visits to complete the treatment. While intentional RCT may be done in single sitting.

Is Endodontic treatment a painful procedure?

Your dentist or endodontist, a specialist for such treatment, will numb the area of treatment using a local anaesthetic. Your will not feel pain while your dentist will perform the root canal treatment procedure but you may expect slight discomfort after the treatment which eventually will go away. You may be prescribed antibiotic and painkillers to prevent infection and to relieve pain and swelling if there's any.

Below are the IOPA x-ray images of a premolar tooth - Before and After Treatment

X-ray Image 1:

Showing infected left Mandibular 2nd premolar tooth needing RC Treatment.

X-ray Image 2:

Showing same left Mandibular 2nd premolar tooth after Treatment.

X-ray image of RC Treated tooth over which crown is placed.

X-ray Image 3:

Showing same left Mandibular 2nd premolar tooth after endodontic Treatment over which a crown is placed.