How to Find Best Dentist Near Me?

If you are looking for a search term “dentist near me”, then you most likely want to get your dental treatment done in affordable cost, in a hygienic environment, and without any discomfort and pain.

When you search “dentist near me” in Google, you will be displayed local business listings based on Google's algorithm, which are full of flaws as of now.

Many business owner write keywords in their business profile name that they are “ best dentist”, “ best dental clinic”, “best dentist in xyz city” and much more and it gives them advantage( due to keywords in their business name) over other clinics. So by putting keywords on the business profile name these businesses outranks others, while it’s against Google’s guidelines but Google doesn’t seem care for it, at least for now.

But how do you find which one of them is good in Google from all those shown listings when all local business listings in the result page are filled with keywords?

To help you solve this query, I have written down some points so you can make an educated guess by reading this information. After that you will be able find out which one of them you should visit.

Ways to find "dentist near me” in Google:-

  1. Pre and post operative photos:

Everyone loves to show when they do something good and it’s true for everyone. That’s why many clinics have Instagram pages to show their work and it helps these businesses to get more clients too. This way client gets to know about good clinics as well. Similarly, Google my business profile is no different.

A dental clinic will most likely show pre and post treatment photos to help you make a judgement about the treatment performed and its results.

I think you should look for pre and post operative X-ray images of Root Canal Treatment. As root Canal is performed in almost every clinic around the world, and it’s one of the treatments that is being performed daily.

  1. Check for Business Listing Reviews:

    1. Meaningful and Useful Reviews:

Look for reviews that are long and elaborate of the treatment procedure performed and outcome and patient satisfaction. A person that has undergone a dental treatment will most likely write something about the procedure and his experience. The less useful reviews are the ones with general things like “good treatment”, “good doctors” or something like that, with smallest text possible as they don’t have anything to say about treatment or experience. However, it’s almost impossible to know if someone hired a SEO company to write reviews or reviews comes from family members or friends. Keep in mind, everyone wants to stay ahead of other and if reviews can help, people would probably get them.

    1. Gaps in Reviews:

Look for the reviews and notice if that there are so many reviews in a month or two and after that no reviews for several months. Ask yourself these Questions :

How come all of sudden reviews stopped coming?

Did clients stop coming to clinic?

keep in mind that one day reviews from family and friends will stop coming because family and friends are usually limited so will be the reviews. But a family member who took treatment should have all the rights to write a review.

    1. Negative Reviews:

This is again the part where you can keep searching to find out more about the practice. Negative section will help you find out the negative side of the clinical practice, may it be behaviour, treatment experience, treatment outcome, cost, hygiene and much more. Having a few bad reviews is never a bad thing because no clinician can make every individual happy. Do keep in mind that some people just even write bad fake reviews just to defame someone, maybe due to some personal issues. You never know about it.

    1. All 5 star reviews:

Few continuous reviews can be all 5 star but having 100’s of 5 stars doesn’t seem too good to be true. No matter how much of an effort a clinician do to help his patients, there will always be someone who wouldn’t like the treatment or work done at all. So having all reviews as positive 5 star reviews doesn’t sound too good to be genuine.

  1. Business Photos:

Business profile photos of interiors and exterior of clinical practice can also help you to expect the experience in terms of ambience you will get at particular clinic. Business photos can also generally help you notice if clinical practice is small or big and what kind of services you can expect in terms of hygiene or ambience. Will the clinic have sufficient sitting arrangements for few number of customers all at once, or the clinic has amenities like clean washroom or such things.

  1. Timing graphs:

Google my business profile also displays visit duration, wait times and popular times. This will help you understand if that particular clinic is getting good amount of visit from clients or not from google. However, new good clinics or even some famous clinics don’t even display it because either they don’t get many clients from online world or many of those clients don't have their location permission "on". But they have huge offline clients.

  1. Your Treatment Needs:

Not every dentist is specialised in every field. So if you are looking for surgical wisdom tooth removal, you probably wants to make sure if that clinic has on-call oral and maxillofacial surgeon or not. You can either move your search to a specialist or for the clinic that offers that treatment in affordable price.

  1. Clinic Location:

The location of clinic does play an important role in treatment charges. A clinic may be paying $100 dollar per month in rent and other maybe paying $1000 per month or more. To cover these expenses one has to increase his/her treatment prices. So you have to decide what’s in your budget. By taking help of Google or Bing search you can find the variation in cost of same treatment (which you are required to undergo) in different location of the your city.

  1. Dentist's Clinical Experience and Specialisation:

A new dentist might charge less compared to an experienced one. Remember experience does matter a lot in clinical practice, that’s the reason new dentist tries work under some famous and experienced clinician or work in charitable clinic or join several courses to make sure they have all the clinical expertise needed to handle all types of dental cases to run successful clinical practice.

Specialist- like oral surgeon or endodontist will charge more compared to a general dentist. They do because they are specialist of their field. Many general dentists have on–call specialist to help you provide specialised treatment.

  1. Checking Website like Practo or justdial:

Practo, justdial or similar websites will also help you know more about a dental clinic near you. Now a day’s many people rely on practo’s reviews as it works on different business model than Google and it has its own ranking algorithm.

Google my business is yet to develop it’s algorithm in a much better way. With time Google my business will surely get improved and it will allow deserving clinician to rank higher in google local listing and allowing people to get exactly what they are looking for.

While there is no sure method to find who is best clinician as reviews, experience and results varies from person to person. But you can at least make an educated guess to find what’s more suitable match for you based on your needs, budget, location, and type of treatment you want or you have to undergo.