Dental Treatment Charges in Gurgaon:

  1. Consultation Fee : Rs.100

  2. IOPA X-Ray: Rs.200

  3. Dental tooth Filling:

    1. Glass Ionomer Cement: Rs.500 - Rs.900

    2. Dental Amalgam: Rs.700/-

    3. Composite Restoration: Rs.1000 - Rs.2000

  4. Root Canal Treatment(RCT): Rs.2500 - Rs.5000

  5. Re-Root Canal Treatment(Re-RCT) or Failed RCT: Rs.3500 - Rs.6000

  6. Post & Core (After RCT): Rs.1000 - Rs.2000

  7. Metal Cap: Rs.1500

  8. Porcelain Fused to Metal(PFM) Cap: Rs. 2500 to Rs.3500

  9. Metal Free Cap(Zirconia cap): Rs.5000 - Rs.10000

  10. Night Guard: Rs.2000 - Rs.5000

  11. Removal Partial Denture(RPD): Rs.1000 per tooth

  12. Complete Denture: Rs.10000 - Rs.30000

  13. Wisdom Tooth Extraction(Third molar Extraction): Rs.2000 - Rs.5000

  14. Impacted Canine Extraction: Rs.2500 - Rs.5000

  15. Mobile to Firm Tooth Extraction (Non-Surgical Tooth Extraction):

Teeth other than Impacted or Wisdom tooth: Rs.500 - Rs.1500

  1. Surgical Tooth Extraction:

Tooth other than Impacted or Wisdom tooth: Rs.1500 - Rs.5000/-

  1. Dental Implant: Rs.20000 - Rs.40000

  2. Mucocele Excision: Rs.5000

  3. Orthodontic Treatment (Metal Braces): Starting from Rs.20000

  4. Orthodontic Treatment (Ceramic Bracket): Starting from Rs.25000

  5. Scaling and Polishing (Teeth Cleaning): Rs.1000 - Rs.2000

The above shown prices are for "Bhatotia Dental Clinic" that is located in Gurgaon. Prices may also vary from the list shown above.