Looking for "Dentist near me with prices in gurgaon"? You have come to the right place. Please check the treatment list given below along with its cost.

Dental Treatment Charges in Gurgaon:

  1. Consultation Fee : Rs.100

  2. IOPA X-Ray: Rs.200

  3. Dental tooth Filling:

    1. Glass Ionomer Cement: Rs.500 - Rs.900

    2. Dental Amalgam: Rs.700/-

    3. Composite Restoration: Rs.1000 - Rs.1500

  4. Root Canal Treatment(RCT): Rs.2500 - Rs.4500

  5. Re-Root Canal Treatment(Re-RCT) or Failed RCT: Rs.3500 - Rs.4500

  6. Post & Core (After RCT): Rs.1000 - Rs.2000

  7. Metal Cap: Rs.1000

  8. Porcelain Fused to Metal(PFM) Cap: Rs. 2000 to Rs.3500

  9. Metal Free Cap(Zirconia cap): Rs.5000 - Rs.10000

  10. Night Guard: Rs.2000

  11. Removal Partial Denture(RPD): Rs.1000 per tooth

  12. Complete Denture: Rs.10000 - Rs.30000

  13. Wisdom Tooth Extraction(Third molar Extraction): Rs.2000 - Rs.5000

  14. Impacted Canine Extraction: Rs.2500 - Rs.5000

  15. Mobile to Firm Tooth Extraction (Non-Surgical Tooth Extraction):

Teeth other than Impacted or Wisdom tooth: Rs.500 - Rs.1500

  1. Surgical Tooth Extraction:

Tooth other than Impacted or Wisdom tooth: Rs.1500 - Rs.5000/-

  1. Dental Implant: Rs.20000 - Rs.40000

  2. Mucocele Excision: Rs.4000

  3. Orthodontic Treatment (Metal Braces): Starting from Rs.20000

  4. Orthodontic Treatment (Ceramic Bracket): Starting from Rs.25000

  5. Scaling and Polishing (Teeth Cleaning): Rs.1000 - Rs.1500

The above shown prices are for "Bhatotia Dental Clinic" that is located in Gurgaon. Prices may also vary from the list shown above.